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Aspiring DJ in my bedroom. Trance Family, where you at?!

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If I could find a someone to roam the mountains with and is also nice to my dog I would be so happy

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Kinda wanna have sex

Kinda wanna sleep for 12 hours

Kinda wanna eat 2 large pizzas 

Me forever

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Next month couldn’t come any faster, so eggcited!

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The DJ culture has been plagued with a lot of easily masked mediocrity these past couple years, and it’s sad for such a facade to be left completely unnoticed, and worse, swept under the rug.

To put it bluntly, in no other art form nowadays is it as easy to make a name for yourself than with becoming a DJ. The advancement of technology has made it perfectly convenient for anyone to skip multiple steps and levels of hard earned skill with the push of a button. There is no auto-sync button to make yourself a better rapper. There is no auto-sync button to make yourself a better dancer. This unfortunate truth is easily left unnoticed because either we just aren’t aware, or we just don’t care. Because let’s face it, from a listener’s standpoint, the only thing that matters is if our favorite songs are being played right? Who wants to worry about the moral ethics of a live performance at a festival when you just want to hear that one song? As long as that one mix on soundcloud has the kind of tracks you’re into who could care less if it was the product of the DJ or the computer. It’s depressing to witness and it’s unfortunate how easily acceptable and in the norm this has become. And what’s worse is that DJ’s themselves don’t hold themselves accountable. As long as they’re landing gigs, they must be doing something right, yeah? I’m all for the advancement of technology, but not at the cost of sacrificing the creativity, integrity, and credibility we all should be putting in more effort for keeping alive and a high priority.

As a fellow DJ who has the upmost passion for this and the preservation of what’s left of this culture, I encourage everyone who is investing their time in this or any other art form for that manner to challenge themselves to not rely on anything else but the endless nights of true hard work and dedication. The end results are much more rewarding. Let’s start recognizing that the responsibilities and privileges we possess with art is bigger than us, and we must hold them to a certain standard and keep each other in check. 

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Sure, people may say I have a lot of friends but really, they’re just a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. Not one of those I can talk to like a best. I mean, there is a handful that calls me their “best friend” but I don’t feel the same way. There’s really just one person that I could talk to like one, but he’s actually one of those rich folks who talks like those damn annoying rich people. So meh, I can’t really do much with him because I get annoyed and such. It would be nice to have just that one person who would do anything for you because let’s be real. I would actually do anything for those who are in need. I’m just too nice. Ugh.
But anyways, what I was trying to get to is that.. yeah I have “a lot” of friends, more like.. I know plenty of people and all but I just love socializing. Meeting chill, awesome people because everyone has a story right? I love learning about their past, present, obstacles, and such.  A few months ago I met with some Kansas people here in my town for the first time who also bought me a VIP ticket to see Tritonal.They love my presence so much that I just got news that they bought me a TomorrowWorld ticket. Sometimes, strangers are so much better than people you’ve known for awhile. What did I do to deserve this? A ticket is $357 if I’m not mistaken and they’re coming down from Kansas to pick me up then road tripping to Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia, I meant! 

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